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Elite Triathletes and Investors

I recently registered for the Harryman sprint triathlon that will take place an hour north of Manhattan, in Harriman State Park, where the thickest of New York City accents is thinned out by the crisp air. Scheduled for May 20th, the lake water should be freezing and the air temperature pleasant. For those who may not be familiar with the sport, a sprint triathlon requires its participants to swim 750 meters, bike 20 kilometers, and run 5 kilometers. The clock starts when you jump into the water and stops when you cross the finish line of the run. The sprint is the easiest of all the triathlon formats with the Olympic, Half-Ironman, and sadistic Ironman distances entailing much longer courses (hint: the Ironman race ends with a marathon).

Regardless of the length or weather conditions, I invariably experience an eruption of nerves each time I push the “confirm your registration” button and again a millisecond before I jump into the water on race day. When you make significant investment decisions, do you experience that twinge of nervousness inside you too? Those nerves rumble to the surface because you care.


Below are some key traits of triathletes according to an academic paper authored by Joe Friel and Jim Vance.

Commitment to excellence:

Triathletes know that to excel in their race, they must set challenging, yet realistic goals. These goals must be specific and honest when evaluating their abilities and the amount of time and energy they can put into their preparation.

Capacity to deal with obstacles:

Triathletes know how to deal with stressful situations. Adversity becomes an opportunity, opening the way for personal growth. They embrace the opportunity to explore the outer limits of their potential. They remain calm and relaxed, regardless of the odds against them.

Internal discipline and self-control:

Triathletes decide from the outset who they are training and competing for. Most often it’s for themselves or a charitable cause. During the race, triathletes will continually ask themselves, “What keeps me swimming, biking, and running? Who am I doing it for?”


Triathletes know how to self-energize and work hard on a daily basis. Regardless of personal issues, fatigue, or difficult circumstances, they generate the energy needed to complete their short-term milestones.

Concentration and focus:

Triathletes let go of distractions and capture complete control of their attention. They focus on the aspects of the competition that are within their control.

Enthusiasm and passion:

Triathletes have a fire inside that fuels their desire to achieve their goals. They begin with a vision, as they see that image with more clarity, it turns into reality. Wherever attention goes, energy flows.


Putting yourself in a position to reach elite results is a simple, replicable formula:

[Realistic Goals] + [Accountability] + [Passion] = Higher Probability of Elite Results

Join me in the Harriman sprint triathlon and put the formula to the test!


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